Recipe for Disaster

5 Nov

Scene – a kitchen

Cookery presenter (to camera):

“Hello everyone! Today I’m going to be showing you how to make a hash… of the european economy. First you need a pan …european strategy, a single currant (see?) and lots of member states with greedy appetites. Add Greece and get that economy simmering nicely. Hmm, smells a bit fishy! Would you credit it? Yes, we would. Throw in several trillion and stir that generously. If some of the package sticks then simply add more liquid capital. That’ll budget. Pop the lid on if you can and let that simmer unchecked for a few years… whack up the taxes when things get a bit hot and till the economy’s in a stew. When it all starts to boil over then downgrade the credit rating, pour scorn on the mixture and watch it all meltdown. When the whole thing is well and truly half-baked, dish out generous portions of the collective debt to everyone, whether they like it or not.

Let’s have a taste.

Hmmm. Hard to swallow?

It certainly is.

Anyway! There you go – the perfect recipe for disaster”


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