“I know where you live” coughs James Murdoch, under his breath.

10 Nov

FISH-EYED son of despot aims thinly veiled threat at MPs.

News Corp dictator-in-waiting James Murdoch was at the centre of more controversy this evening as he appeared to make a series of menacing remarks to members of the DCMS select committee. Murdoch had faced a series of searching questions about the actions of employees at the former News Of The World newspaper when the apparent threats were made.

Kevin Pencil who was in the audience said “James Murdoch was being lightly toasted by Tom Watson MP about the whole phone hacking doohickey when he lifted his hand to his mouth as if to cough. At that point I could swear I heard him say “Watch your back Tom”. But he coughed at the same time, so it was hard to tell. I think he also did a little wink like Ann Robinson, but I could have been wrong about that”.

Mary Face who was also nearby alleged the threats then got much worse. “When Tom Watson asked about the ‘For Neville’ email, Murdoch stopped talking, looked Tom in the eye and mouthed “I HAVE YOUR CHILDREN” before proceeding to regale the committee with some spurious bollocks about being at home having his spider-plant flossed on the day the email was sent round the office”.

As the hearing progressed the apparent threats became more overt. Stephen Mock-O’Hooley-Goose was sitting in the front row. “As Tom Watson was finally pinning Murdoch down on his recollections of events at The Screws he paused for a second and said he needed to refer to his notes. When he took the papers from his briefcase he held them up briefly and you could see someone had written on the back in marker pen “I’M COMING ROUND TO YOUR HOUSE TO FUCK YOU UP”. But then he put the papers down really quickly, so I could have been wrong.

Check your mail carefully, Tom. That's all I'm saying.

Mr Pencil also reported “As the hearing ended, I saw Mr Murdoch stare menacingly at Mr Watson then close his eyes. As he did so he appeared to have “YOU’RE FUCKED” written on his eyelids. But it could have been “I LOVE YOU”. I’d been drinking all day”.

James Murdoch denies making any threats to committee members. When our reporter spoke to him after the hearing he was adamant his remarks were all above board and he bore no ill will to any of the MPs, their children, or their 3 year old border terrier, Jock.


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