A Tommy’s soup bowl unearthed in Flanders

11 Nov

I held the helmet up;

The regimental insignia had faded
The leather chinstrap rotted
And the field grey camouflage paint
Had long since flaked away in slivers of soil and rust

Yet this part of the soldier who wore it
Was still sturdy

It must have sat heavy on his head
When he first put it on
But it would have kept him dry in wild weathers
And although it might have grazed and bruised him
As he ducked and ran
It would have sheltered his head from the white-hot shrapnel splinters
And kept the shell-thrown mud from his eyes

I rubbed the earth away

The bullet had entered square on one side
Exiting the other with impeccable symmetry

90 years or more since the trigger was pulled

What a shot


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