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Ode to BoJo

3 May

Bullingdon Boris is running for mayor

Man of the people (a millionaire)

Face like a pie and a haystack of hair.


Bullingdon Boris is after your vote

Previous tenure did nothing of note

Stole poor Ken’s bike idea – that’s all she wrote.


Bullingdon Boris – a learned debater

Eton and Balliol, Times and Spectator

(Smash up a restaurant, pay off the waiter).


Bullingdon Boris – his work’s not yet done

There’s cities to insult and spin to be spun

And HIGNFY’s such splendid fun…


Bullingdon Boris – he’s great at whiff-whaff

The Master of Mayhem, the Lord of the Gaffe

But Mayor ofLondon? You’re having a laugh…